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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Picture of CTE pathways


The Career and Technical Education Department at Vanden High School is focused on helping students prepare for careers after high school. A career path is a series of courses that directly relate to a specific area of concentration or career. Students interested in developing skills which transfer into advanced placement jobs or future educational opportunities are encouraged to follow the sequence of courses described in each career path.

Career pathways at Vanden are aligned with the California Model Curriculum Standards and Framework in accordance with California Education Code Section 51226. Vanden offers a variety of pathways from the following Industry Sectors: Arts, Media and Entertainment, Engineering and Architecture, Business and Finance, Health Science and Medical Technology, and Transportation.

Available Courses:

Contact Information:

Teachers Name Email Room #
Ms. Lisa McFadden L2
Mr. Brent Manuel SC1
Mr. Sherman Martinez KAUTO
Ms. Denise Johnson-Kaul L1
MSgt Khafiz Gondry P5
Ms. Denise Michaud M3