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English Department


Thank you for visiting our department page. The English Department is honored to teach and engage the students of Vanden High School in the study and application of English Language Arts. Each level of English includes an intensive study of the dynamics and structure of the English language, including composition and writing style, critical reading and thinking, and discussion of various writing styles and genres. 

Each course of English adheres to the specifications outlined in the California Common Core Standards and uses texts approved by the Travis Unified School District Board. Teachers design lessons, assignments and curriculum to meet these goals and specifications.

Learn more about California Common Core Standards by clicking here.

Available Courses:

Contact Information:

Teachers Name Email Room #
Mr. Chris Benoit C4
Ms. Cheryl Garcia C2
Ms. Catherine Golub C9
Mr. Adam  Lundy A5
Ms. Anna Paivinen C6
Ms. Rose Parsons C3
Ms. Hannah Tyndall C1
Mr. Andrew Wren C5
Ms. Mindy Yu Q6
Ms. Torr'e Mitchell C10