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Deliveries to Students

Food Deliveries


  • In order to provide the safest setting possible, school staff must know who is on campus at all times.
  • Deliveries made to students on campus pose serious safety concerns. While parents and students may want to utilize food delivery services (like Doordash and Uber Eats) during school hours, these providers are not authorized to be on campus and pose safety and health concerns.
  • Students should NOT approach cars to receive items. Again, this is due to safety concerns.
  • Students who go to vehicles to pick up items are subject to disciplinary consequences.
  • Parents or emergency contacts wishing to drop off something to their student must park and enter the front office.
  • Personal deliveries will NOT be accepted and/or delivered to during class time.
  • Parents should notify students if the student needs to pick up an item in the office during non-class time.