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Financial Aid (FAFSA & CADAA)

ALL students, regardless of income, can receive two years of FREE TUITION at any California Community College.  The FAFSA or CADAA must be completed in order for students to receive free tuition.

Cash for College

Class of 2024 Student, Parents and Guardians! The FAFSA & CADAA  applications are now open! These applications are due April 2, 2024. Completion of the FAFSA (Federal Application for Financial Student Aid) or the CADAA (California Dream Act Application) is now a graduation requirement for all seniors in the state of California. This is a great way to see what students might be eligible for in the form of scholarships, grants, work study, and loans. Of the four award options, loans are the only ones that need to be paid back, and any awards that are accepted can be used for four-year colleges, community colleges, or trade schools.