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Short Term Independent Study Information

For most students, there is a direct correlation between in class attendance and achievement. For those rare times, when students must miss school, Short-term Independent Study may be an option. Students who meet the requirements below, and are able to complete work independently, may apply for STIS for three (3) to fifteen (15) consecutive school days.  Applications must be submitted five or more​ days in advance in order to give teachers adequate time to prepare the Independent Study lessons. 

If your student has an IEP, an IEP meeting must be held before the STIS request can be approved. Contact your student's case manager and Tracy Adan (at well in advance to allow enough time to coordinate and hold an IEP meeting as well as complete the necessary paperwork.    

To be eligible for a Short-term Independent Study, students must:  

  • Have a good attendance record (less than 18 periods of unexcused absences or tardies).   
  • Be in good academic standing (2.0 with no F’s on most recent grade report).  
  • Be able to learn independently so as not to fall behind.
  • Note- STIS will not be approved  during final exams or statewide testing periods.  

A final component of STIS is that all work done during the absence must be submitted the day the student returns to school. Students who do not submit their work upon return, will have Unexcused absences and become truant.


Short Term Independent Study Application



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