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Work Permits

To obtain a work permit, students must submit a work permit application. 

By submitting this application, the student understands that they must be in good academic standing (no less than a 2.0 and/or no F’s in the current grading period), attend school regularly, and follow school rules and policies.

Vanden High School reserves the right to revoke work permits if the student is not in compliance with these conditions.

Work permits are not needed to apply for a job or to interview for a job. However, we do encourage student to take a work permit application with them to a job interview in case they 
are hired on the spot and this can expedite the process.

Applications require signatures from parents and the employer. 

Completed applications can be emailed to Tracy Rech at  After it is reviewed, the work permit will be emailed to the student.

A physical version of the work permit application is available in the Counseling Office.

For more information regarding Work Permits for Students, please use the link provided.

*** Students needing a summer work permit after June 27th please email